I am grateful to The fleeky website for giving me an opportunity to share my views with international intellectual fraternity . I hope this platform will go a long way in establishing inner world bond and intimate relationship with my brethren separated by geographical boundaries but connected spiritually, without any distinction of caste, race, nationality or creed. Long live universal brotherhood. We are the citizens of the same universe. Same emotions,thought processes flow within us. Once again my sincere thanks and gratitude to Ml Bellon.

With deep regards,
D P Sharma

What after enlightenment?

Enlightenment is the the final state in man’s journey through this world. This is the highest point of human evolution Compared to ordinary mortals it is a super human phenomenon . An enlightened person leaves behind death,hell, heaven,material possessions, narrow and limiting relationships. His mind and body are in perfect health . His departure from his temporary physical abode I.e. the physical body is painless and smooth. He does not belong to any caste, religion or nationality. He is permanently fixed in a state that can be called equanimity or SAMBHAV. For all practical purposes it is a state of salvation or MUKTI, from all kinds of worldly pains, sufferings and attachment woes.The ways and methods helpful in attaining this state are available in ancient scriptures VEDAS, UPNISHADS, THE GEETA and many more holy books. But unfortunately the original authentic philosophical literature has often been tampered with and misinterpreted in translations to serve the vested interest of some selfish scholars.
The order established by the Sikh Gurus is the simplest way to attain enlightenment, and comfortable smooth journey through this world.Everything is explained in the language easily understandable by the common man. In true sense it is a universal order enshrining the best teaching attributed to enlightened souls, irrespective of the labels of religion stuck on them because of their birth in different sectarian religious families.Again some narrow minded selfish persons are trying to draw boundaries to limit and restrict free access to this order. The Order established by the SIKH GURUS is universal in nature and any attempt to call it a religion would mean narrowing down and limiting the reach of this Order.
An enlightened person is the greatest asset to the society around him and to the mankind as a whole. He is left with nothing to do or achieve except to help his fellow beings around him in attaining enlightenment. His ordinary day to day actions KARMAS , which are essential so long as the physical body lasts, are free from rewards and punishments.

Enlightenment and human sufferings

There are three main components of a human being; Spirit, Mind , Body. Mind is the adhesive or connecting component between Spirit and Body. The characteristics of Spirit and Body are easily understandable and define-able. Spirit is indestructible and unchangeable whereas Body is destructible and changeable. These are two extremes of a human being. Interestingly the characteristics of Mind lie somewhere in between the characteristics of the other two components. It is indestructible but changeable and mercurial. A body without mind is just vegetation, or in COMA state, and a Spirit without Mind is completely unmanifested phenomenon: The unmanifested means:
The unmanifested is the Absolute, the pure and formless ground of being from which creation and manifestation arise. As such, the unmanifested is free from change, the unmoved mover. It also, necessarily, cannot be explained or comprehended in terms of any manifest reality.
The differentiation of human beings is a function of the Mind only and not of other two components, which are the same in every human being and an enlightened person knows this fact very well.
A human being’s sufferings are of two types; mental and physical; related to the two components; mind and body. Interestingly whatever the type of suffering BOTH BODY AND MIND SUFFER TOGETHER. The third component of a human being , Spirit, is completely free from all kinds of sufferings. Interestingly, a body without mind is also free from all kinds of sufferings.
All kinds of human sufferings relate to BODY+MIND combination only.
An enlightened persons becomes free from all kinds of sufferings, except, of course extreme physical pains.

All kinds of human sufferings relate to BODY+MIND combination only.
Spirit is completely immune to mental as well as physical sufferings. An enlightened person becomes free from all kinds of sufferings, except, of course extreme physical pains. However, an enlightened person uses the shield of stoicism to bear physical pain as well patiently. Some recent instances from Sikh history will be more than enough to prove the point. Shri Guru Teg Bahadur and some of his followers were given extreme mental and physical pains and tortures .

( Refer to the following extract from SikhWiki)
“In the summer of 1675, the Guru, along with some of his companions were finally brought to Delhi and asked to convert to Islam or else face the penalty of death. Guru ji was also asked to perform a miracle. Guru Tegh Bahadur averred that he would rather sacrifice his life than give up his faith and his freedom or belief or perform a miracle. Thus, under Aurangzeb’s orders, Guru ji and his companions were tortured. The Guru was chained and imprisoned in a cage and was tortured in the cruellest and the most inhuman ways for five long days. In order to terrorise him further into submission, one of his distinguished devotees (Bhai Mati Das) was sawn alive, another (Bhai Dyal Das) was boiled in the cauldron and the third (Bhai Sati Das) was roasted alive before the Guru.
Finally, the Guru himself was beheaded, under imperial warrant, in broad daylight, in the middle of a public square, the most prominent public place in India, called Chandni Chowk, of Delhi, on the charge that he was a stumbling block preventing the spread of Islam in the Indian subcontinent. The exact location of the beheading is marked by Gurdwara Sis Ganj in Delhi. His martyrdom was yet another challenge to the Sikh conscience. It was then realized that there could be no understanding between an insensate power imbrued with blood and a proud people wedded to a life of peace with honour. The sacrifice roused the Hindus from their passive silence and gave them the fortitude to understand the power that comes from self-respect and sacrifice. Guru Tegh Bahadur thus earned the affectionate title of “Hind-di-Chadar” or the Shield of India.”

When it comes to man made sufferings, mental as well as physical, there is no parallel in the World History to the gory horror faced by Sikh Gurus and their followers. It is far more difficult to bear man made sufferings than self inflicted sufferings and natural calamities. It was the enlightenment of the Gurus and the Spiritual Strength passed on by them to their followers that made them bear all these hair raising cruelties and tortures with the chanting: TERA BHANA MEETHA LAAGE. The mental agony borne by Guru Gobind Singh, whose two innocent sons were buried alive in the walls, is again unparalleled.
Authentic Sikh History of sacrifices of Sikh Gurus and their followers should be an essential part of School Curriculum in all the Indian Schools. This can be the greatest source of SPIRITUAL AWAKENING AND ENLIGHTENMENT.


The advent of Sikhism

मिट्ठत नीवी नानका गुण चंगीआइआ तत् ।

The greatest event of the Christian Era is the Incarnation of Guru Nanak Dev and the advent of Sikhism under the divine patronage of Shri Guru Gobind Singh. The tenth Sikh Guru conferred the status of Living Body of the GURUS on Shri Guru Granth Sahib. No wonder the Sikhs accord the highest degree of reverence to Shri Guru Granth Sahib taking all the care to awaken the SAHIB in the morning with traditional Sikh rituals called PARKASH OF SHRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB and with ritual chanting bidding the SAHIB to retire for rest and sleep at nightfall, the daily ceremony being called Sukhasan.The Holy Book of Divine Knowledge at earlier stages of birth during Guru Nanak’s time and growth under the divine care of the Gurus used to be called POTHI ( पोथी ) which at full maturity during Guru Gobind Singh’s time was infused with IMMORTAL LIFE and given the nomenclature SHRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB.The contents of the GRANTH , enlivened wisdom of the ten GURUS, is collectively called GURBANI or the divine utterances of the GURUS.
Shri Guru Granth Sahib is the ultimate DIVINE WISDOM, SPIRITUALITY AND ENLIGHTENMET. The most amazing feature of the GRANTH being that it is sprinkled with numerous phrases and small sentences out of which even if one is picked up for JAAP AND ABSORPTION, can transform a human being completely and make him an ideal human being worthy of reverence, and in turn frees that human being of all the sufferings and obstacles faced by lesser mortals during their journey through the world. I conclude my tribute to the SIKH GURUS with GURU NANAK’s divine message:

मिट्ठत नीवी नानका गुण चंगीआइआ तत् ।

Try if you can live this वाक् of Guru Nanak Dev. It will transform you completely.


Enlightenment and universal Thought Bank

An enlightened person has access to Universal Thought Bank or Metaphysical Bank, which is a treasury of all kinds of ideas, thoughts, divine laws, scientific principles, emotions, imagination and any other metaphysical phenomenon known by any other name. All these items have always been present in the Universal Thought Bank. The enlightened persons have been taking the required items from this source and offering to mankind according to its needs from time to time. Everything in this universe has always been pre-existent or co-existent with the universe. Nothing new happens here. The newness is just kaleidoscopic, different patterns, forms, designs of the physical and metaphysical world created by different permutations and combinations , which our ancient thinkers and philosophers termed as illusory or MAYAJAAL. In fact MAYAJAAL is a kind of physical/material reality in motion like the flowing of water or the blowing of wind. In fact, LIFE is the name given to this constant change and flow of the physical world. The end of motion/flow will mean the end of life in this universe, which is never likely to happen. Complete annihilation of human race , some species of creatures and vegetation is possible but the complete end of life is not possible. The blowing of wind and flowing of water will never stop, so will life.
The only unchangeable and indestructible phenomenon is LIFE FORCE or spirit. Hence the need to focus on Spirituality, Enlightenment and Metaphysics.


Food clothing and shelter are the basic needs of the BODY MACHINE for proper maintenance and smooth functioning. Notwithstanding the quality and quantity of the objects available to satisfy these needs, the level of comfort and satisfaction is purely a subjective matter for each individual . A person enjoying the comforts of a palace and velvety cushions may not be so satisfied and comfortable as a person sleeping on the grass bed under open sky and soothing gentle breeze. On this count many poor persons score much higher than their wealthy counterparts, and their body machine is sturdier with high potential for undertaking strenuous jobs and more immune to disease attacks.
The other basic need of the human body ,like all other creatures, is love making and sex. On the physical plane it is basic intuitive urge for procreation and survival and carrying forward of the race . However, misusing the free will available to man as opposed to other creatures man has over a period of time made love making ans sex a function of the mind. Not only that, the faculty of fantasising has vastly perverted this natural and sacred activity. With respect to the fulfilment and satisfaction of this urge/need also, the poor score much higher than their resourceful wealthy counterparts, notwithstanding their multiple heterosexual and homosexual encounters.

Spirituality made easy: small tips

Your body is the vehicle in which you are traveling through the physical world. Don’t mistake it to be YOU. Take care of your vehicle to make your journey smooth and comfortable. Get ready to alight and become alert before your vehicle begins to show signs of wear and tear and breaks down completely. It will save you and yours from sudden shock and will ensure your smooth passage through the world . Our ancient ancestors , ascetics and Rishies set apart the last time phase of their lives for this purpose and called it SANYAS i.e. preparedness for the abandonment of your worn out and broken down vehicle.

Spirituality made easy: a spiritual riddle

What/ who am “I ” ?

I am not man/woman/transgender or any other creature?
I am not body/soul/spirit/mind/memory/imagination ,intelligence,logic or any component that constitutes a human being.
I am not any solid or abstract known to human beings.
There is no
word in human lexicon that is synonym or antonym of “I”.
I am not known by any name.
I can be conceptualized only by certain characteristics .
I am the only one, unique, unparalleled .
I am present everywhere but I can not
be seen,heard,felt,smelt or tasted.
I alone am everlasting.
The presence of ‘I” extends beyond this universe.
I can’t be owned, possessed or divided,
I am not life but the life force of this universe
I am not afraid of anybody
I am not anybody’s friend or foe.
I am timeless and spaceless, shapeless and boundless
I am not born nor do I die.
I am invisible yet present everywhere,
I am and yet I am not
Only ascetics and unworldly human beings know me.
The nearest verbal description of “I” is recited by every devout Sikh every early morning.
The moment you are able to solve this riddle yourself and for yourself, you wake up from the slumber and become spiritually enlightened.

Spirituality made easy – the purpose of life

SPIRITUALITY MADE EASY: ( The Purpose of Life):
The purpose of life first of all is to evolve from an animal being to spiritually evolved human being. After that nothing needs to be done, every thing begins to happen of its own. What happens when spiritually evolved is more to be experienced than to be explained or described. Your vision becomes very clear and with focus and attention you can become Trilok and Trilkal Darshi transcending the boundaries of space and time. You rise above bodily suffering and mental agonies,everything that is painful in human life. A lot more…………
You attain the final stage of bliss EQUANIMITY , far above happiness and pleasure.
You don’t give up any thing in life. You begin to live life more intensely, without any fear or worry.

Spirituality made easy – insights (the ultimate observer)

A spirituality awakened person leads a balanced and near perfect life passing through the material world unaffected by its deceptive appearances and stifling entanglements created by men and material. He is constantly under surveillance of the ULTIMATE OBSERVER that chases him day and night following him through every nook and corner of the world. He surrenders his privacy gladly and willfully and there are no secrets in his life. He is as naked as Adam & Eve when they were first created by God, and before they ate the fruit of knowledge at the instance of Serpent, the Satan’s agent.
THE ULTIMATE OBSERVER is a wonderful phenomenon of the spiritual world . The ULTIMATE OBSERVER is absolutely unreachable by any individual because it has the impenetrable cover of infinite observers. In simple words it can be said that every observer has a supervising observer appointed over him. All these observers are just observers and they don’t interfere or dictate. Their purpose is to create awareness and instill the feeling in an individual that he is under constant watch and surveillance .. He can’t hide anything from THE ULTIMATE OBSERVER.
A spiritually awakened person has no private life, no private relations,no personal possessions, no private activities, no secrets, nothing hidden, everything completely transparent .

Spirituality made easy

In simple day-to-day conversation people lose their cool in no time. One loses one’s cool because of one’s own self and not because of the other, though each throws the blame on the other. An intelligent and Spiritually Awakened person understands this fact very well and invariably remains away from such kind of undesirable and avoidable hostility, either remaining neutral or taking the blame on himself.
Today the greatest problem in the world, among friends, in family and between husband and wife is the lack of communication and miscommunication . An intelligent and Spiritually Awakened person gives concession to others for their deficiency. Most people don’t mean what they say AND are unable to say what they mean.
You can make enemies everyday or withdraw and take pity on others, the choice is yours.

Double standards


बुरा जो देखन मैं चला बुरा ना मिलिया कोय ।
जब मन ढूँढा आपना तो मुझ से बुरा न कोय ।।

I like to borrow from from others. But dislike to lend
I remember what others owe me But forget what I owe to others
I want others to honor their commitments
But I ignore what I promise or commit
I do what I like
But don’t want others to follow me.

Backbiting is my favorite pastime
I spare neither friend nor foe
When I come across them in person
I shower false praises on them

I want others to observe punctuality
But fret and fume if they are late
I take my appointments lightly
But take pride in making others wait

My memory is very sharp to remember the good I do
It does not record my evil deeds
When I sit down to meditate
I find myself GOODNESS & VIRTUE personified.


Peaceful Co-existence

This world belongs to us all

The thief, the rogue and the saint,
No one has the privilege
To denounce or decimate the other

God commands man
Go struggle and survive
If denied wherewithal of survival on earth
Man resorts to begging,borrowing and stealing

A thief is a thief
Not by choice but by compulsion
Keeping self & offspring alive is as much his duty
As anybody else’s

Most of us make our living by stealing
From God’s Stores
We vainly try to wash ourselves clean
By sharing a part of the loot as charity

What is spiritual awakening?

Spiritual Awakening is the realization of true identity of an individual as soul or spirit as distinct from the body. It is attained by only a few and the total number of Spiritually Awakened persons in the world is infinitesimal . However, there are a sizable number of persons who get glimpses of Spiritual Awakening every now and then but are unable to retain that state for a longer period. There is yet another category who exhibit the characteristics of fully Spiritually Awakened Persons without being themselves aware of any special quality in them . They get Spiritual Awakening as a gift from God/Nature. Some persons are born Spiritually Awakened such as Guru Nanak Dev in the recent times. Some inherit it from the Guru such as the remaining nine Sikh Gurus. Such persons are the Incarnation of the Almighty. Some attain Spiritual Awakening through renunciation ,meditation , asceticism and life of deprivation such as Mahatma Buddha and Lord Mahavira, and a large number of ancient and present day Rishies and Munies. There are others who attain Spiritual Awakening by Guru’s grace such as Swami Dayananda and Swami Vivekanand . Some follow Gian Marg and academic pursuits, such as J Krishnamurthy and Rajnish.
Fully Spiritually Awakened persons are very close to Divinity. They don’t profess any Sectarian Religion and they are far above the narrow walls and limitations of caste, color ,gender, race, nationality and geographic boundaries.
The process of Spiritual Awakening is a part of the evolution of the human beings.
There is a power point in the inner world of every individual . This power point is the nucleus of light and energy. Connecting to this power point of the inner world is the first indication of Spiritual Awakening and the rest follows automatically . The Spiritually Awakened person sheds naturally his worldly relationships, possessions, all kinds of bondages and attachments like slough and new being emerges. Gradually, his narrow attachments to a few friends/relatives and personal possessions transcend into love and concern for the entire mankind and animal world. He becomes an inexhaustible source of hope, light and energy for the entire world, more so for the persons in his vicinity .

The winner

When you run after God
You are in fact running away from Him
Stand still and motionless
And He will come Himself looking for you
When lost
The child is not so much worried as the father
How can God, the Supreme Father,
Lose count of his lost children

God is the undisputed winner
Of HIDE AND SEEK game with man
He makes His appearance
As soon as man admits defeat.

Scripture Panchnad


I express my deep sense of gratitude and regards to Prof. Deepti Dhamija Gupta , Department of English, Punjab University, Chandigarh who has sent to me a scripture PANCHNAD penned down by her illustrious father Prof. C L Dhamija, formerly Head, Department of English, DAV College, Chandigarh who happens to be a fully evolved and Spiritually Awakened Saint. I have found the scripture to be ultimate in providing insights into spirituality and the reality of inner world. The scripture very briefly brings out all the complex aspects of Spirituality & Spiritual Awakening in lucid, easy to understand convincing way. It establishes unambiguously the AVATAR of Almighty God in the physical form of Shri Guru Nanak. The scripture is a must read and possess for every seeker treading on the path of Spirituality & Spiritual Awakening and it is wonderful sacred treasure for every Sikh.

I bow down in great humility to the unassuming fully evolved and Spiritually Awakened Saint and Intellectual Giant, Hon’ble Chaman Lal Dhamija. I seek his blessings to allow me to follow his footsteps on the road leading to Spiritual Awakening.


The travails of Old Age

The old persons living in the company of pre-teen children live a very long and healthy life, both physically and mentally . Most of the physical and mental ailments of the old age result from the sense of being isolated, discarded and neglected. This problem is assuming alarming proportions in today’s disintegrated families. This sense does not crop up in the company of innocent and less knowledgable children, who themselves find the best companions in old persons for their prattle. Baby talk is the best tonic in old age. This mutually satisfying and beneficial company fills the empty slots in the life of children also, particularly where both the parents are working and are not in a position to give enough time to their children.
The old persons, particularly retired pensioners, who have no financial worries fare the worst in old age, more so if they don’t have anything to keep themselves occupied. Their urge to prattle becomes all time high and they find no takers for their so-called valuable words of experience and wisdom, which are spurned by the next generation as rumblings of an insane or mentally deranged person. They try to pour out all their knowledge of lifetime on the head of the first victim who becomes handy and that is why most of the old idlers and prattlers are avoided and bypassed resulting in extreme physical and mental pain to them.

Natural Recycling

Life is Motion and it is sustained by Divine and Natral principles. Everything in Nature is in AUTO PILOT MODE. Nobody except human beings have the limited power to intervene and rewrite the Natural Laws and Principles. Human beings can be called the God appointed Administrators of this universe to maintain the balance of various components of this universe on the condition that they don’t meddle with fundamentals of balance among five basic elements: solid matter, water, gases, energy (sun/heat/fire ), sky enveloped in the all pervading phenomenon called God. The power and authority of God is partially transferable to human beings.
One fundamental that forms the basis of Life/Vegetation in the universe is the Principle of Recycling that in simple terms means Life sustains Life. Most life forms, including human beings, can be completely sustained by vegetation alone but there are others that are sustained by other forms of life, in addition to vegetation. There is no provision for hoarding in Nature except storing surplus produce till the next cycle of the product becomes available .
Some human beings are very vulnerable and always feel insecure and hoard foodstuff either for personal use in future or for selling the same at premium in times of extreme shortages. The rich and affluent eat more than they actually need and waste a lot of food thus causing shortages for the whole mankind. This creates a vicious cycle of grabbing more agricultural land from the forests for agricultural use and thus endangering wildlife and creating food shortage among Animals. No wonder , the ultimate victims of the greed of human beings are helpless creatures and a large number of them have already become extinct and many more, particularly man’s friendly scavengers: kites, vultures, sparrows ,crows lizards are on the verge of extinction. How ugly and unhealthy life would be without these friendly scavengers man perhaps does not know.